DIY Distressed Crates


As I told you guys in my last post, Distressed Dresser DIY, I have really gotten into this whole distressed and antiqued looked. I probably should have had this project as my first attempt and done the dresser second, but oh well, they all got done and look great, so that is what matters the most to me! I’m not going to post the full tutorial here, as I have a pretty detailed one about the dresser here– I did these crates in the same fashion as the dresser, just on a smaller scale. If you do check out the dresser DIY, you will notice that I used primer on the dresser to achieve a certain look- I did not however use a primer here as the crates already had a nice base to work with.  Also, since I had three crates (which I purchased from Goodwill for less than $1 each), I tried distressing with stain instead of glaze on the larger one- not sure I like it any better or worse, so you can decide for yourself! And yes, I meant to do them three different colors- those are the colors widely used in my house, so I was trying to tie it all together. The letters on the front are wood- I purchased a bag at Wal Mart in the craft section for just a few dollars. I did a light coat of stain on the letters, but you could stain or paint them however you see fit. I just attached them with a spray adhesive and let them dry a few minutes. I like the raised look of the letters, but you could also just free hand or stencil whatever you want on, no problem.  I may go back later and add some raffia or ribbon to the crates, but for now, I think they add a really cute, easy, personal touch to our home.

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